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CitySafe™ is able to effectively send out mass notifications in large public spaces, keeping communities informed and safe, including hearing and visually impaired citizens. 

From a maintenance perspective CitySafe™ is incredibly useful for monitoring municipal assets, including, but not limited to, the smart street light infrastructure.

2019 Award-winning technology

Smart 50 Awards Recipient

Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, annually recognize global smart cities projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work.

Awarded under “Urban Infrastructure”:



The Control Management System could command the surrounding lights to their maximum luminance setting to allow better visibility for first responders in the case of a fire alarm.

Smart City

In the event of an Amber Alert, the Control Management System could trigger the visual and audio component on the street poles to make citizens aware they are in an active Amber Alert state.

    Energy Savings

    CitySafe™ can be controlled on the system to dim or illuminate depending on traffic and community behavior.


    RGBA beacons on the LED light poles change to a specific color to direct traffic out of the stadium.

    How does CitySafe work?

    Product Features

    LED RGBA Beacon

    A daylight-visible exterior-rated LED point of light ideally suited for a range of direct-view and beacon applications. The beacon is in a rugged aluminum housing.


    Key features include a 6-inch high excursion woofer for rich powerful mid-range and a 1-inch coaxial tweeter for clear crisp highs and a smooth full range response. It has outdoor and marine capabilities providing high durability in environmental conditions.

    Area Light

    It is recommended that in using this system that the particular area light luminaire have the highest quality LED diodes and drivers available on the market. The system can integrate with any LED fixture that has a 7-pin twist lock receptacle for the LCU.

    DCU (Data Control Unit)

    Using robust and encrypted two-way communications, the DCU manages the information traffic and commands for each member or group of lights. It stores all the status information and energy consumption of the light pole and communicates with the management application; and transmits all control commands to the individual light poles or group of lights.

    LCU (Light Control Unit)

    The system establishes a network with all participating light poles and provides the operator with an easy web-accessed efficient, automatic or manual control of the light pole’s continuous operations. Individual and/or specified area light pole operations can be pre-programmed and/or adjusted by the operator in response to changing circumstances and developments.

    Control Management System

    The CitySafe™ CMS enables utilities or maintenance companies to benefit from an improved, reliable and cost-effective tool for controlling and managing street lights.