Picture this, a connected community that receives alerts and notifications… from its lightpoles.

PURO Air products continuously disinfect air and surfaces in occupied and unoccupied spaces.

Outfit your facility, office or residence with the latest in security technology; offerings include cameras, gunshot detection, people and car counting and more. 

Charge your electric vehicle at home; EV chargers double as generators, providing power when you need it most.

Small cells provide an inexpensive and easy-to-implement solution to boost connectivity in a variety of venues. 

Reduce energy costs by implementing the best energy solutions on the market.

AI-driven vehicle recognition technology provides reliable roadway analytics.

Creative solutions and the latest tech allow you to accomplish more, without using more water.

Add a battery backup to installed solar system on your home or facility. 

Smart meter technology allows you to watch energy consumption in near real-time.

Use the latest in facial recognition software to enhance the security of any space.